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RTC 5.0 zOS Package/Promote - how do I get rid of a temporary dataset that was flagged as output by accident?

Donald Poulin (2249119107) | asked Oct 15 '14, 9:02 a.m.
I have a situation where I created a translator that used a temporary dataset (&&OUT) and the "Output" flag on the definition was "keep=yes" and ouput=yes. This created a build map entry of the temporary dataset  which ws then included in a package result. I tried to filter it out as an exclusion in the package bit "&&OUT" gets flagged as an invalid PDS. I then corrected the translator and rebuilt the program which got rid of the temporary dataset in the build map. I then ran the package again but it still showed that is packaged the temporary dataset. The deploy, of course fails because it can't handle a temporary dataset.

So how do I get rid of the temporary dataset from the "create package"

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