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Migrating CLM from outsourced provider to on premise

Jesse Houldsworth (1811111) | asked Oct 01 '14, 2:21 p.m.
I have a customer that currently uses CLM through an outsourcing provider and would like to move their data on premise. Is there a guide available that discusses the steps necessary to plan this out?

Based on my understanding of how the solution is setup, we'd have to:
1. Copy databases from the outsourced provider
2. Install CLM (same version as what's installed with outsourced provider)
3. Connect new installation to copied databases

Has anyone else gone through this situation? If so, care to share advice?

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Anthony Kesterton (7.5k7180136) | answered Oct 01 '14, 2:49 p.m.
Hi Jesse

Your approach would work as long as the URL used to access CLM is maintained (so if it was for RTC, you can maintain that exact address). If the URL is different - this would not work.  Hopefully, when the original system was set up - the customer used a URL pointing to a domain they owned or controlled.

Other things to watch out for include the following:
You will probably want to reindex CLM once it is moved across
You need to check how the user authentication was handled
Check what email system it is connected to - you need to replace that reference or validate it will still work
Any other integrations being used - you need to resolve those.

Just some ideas for you as a starter - the critical one will be the URL

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