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Receiving RAM RTC DB MESSAGE : ZRC=0x800D014C=-2146631348=SQLM_RC_NOTAB "table not found"

Gerald Gordon (7011319) | asked Sep 24 '14, 9:40 a.m.
edited Sep 24 '14, 10:34 a.m.
Greetings all,

We just migrated our RAM Enterprise environment from to the upgrade was smooth and painless once we followed all the requirements for a deployment.  However, my DBAs have noticed that a monitor is failing to activate and is sending us a ton of alerts.  I'm hoping someone can give us insight on what this means and what we can do to fix it.  We did try to activate the monitor but that did not work either.

Please see the error below:


2014-09-23- I4969383E527        LEVEL: Error

PID     : 15553                TID  : 47521602726208PROC : db2sysc 0

INSTANCE: inst0                NODE : 000          DB   : JTSDB

APPHDL  : 0-31586              APPID: *LOCAL.DB2.140923181934


EDUID   : 16892                EDUNAME: db2evmti (JAZZ_DEADLOCKS) 0

FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, database monitor, sqmEvmonWriter::activate, probe:40 MESSAGE : ZRC=0x800D014C=-2146631348=SQLM_RC_NOTAB "table not found"

DATA #1 : String, 14 bytes


Kind regards,


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