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What are the required permissions for a user to run the Command Line Adapter in QM 5.0?

David Mehaffy (90123238) | asked Sep 23 '14, 9:00 a.m.
We are running with CLM5.0 now and we are having issues with Command line adapter connecting the the QM server.  We have a functional id that is used for the command line adapter.  We get a continuous:
Stored configuration is out of sync.  Adapter is re-registering.

The functional id has a RQM Quality Professional License, has a role of Test Team Member and is a member of the projectArea.  The Test Team Member role has had some restrictions in roles applied as we don't want users adding categories and modifying the base values we have set up in the project area.  

If I run the adapter from my id which I have all permissions in the project area as a special admin role I have created I get the message once and then it behaves normally.  If I then stop the adapter and re-run with the functional id every thing behaves correctly.  I assume I have some update permission that is necessary for the adapter to update the configuration on the server but I don't see what role that is.  None of the restricted permissions seem to be the issue from their description.  We have thousands of adapters so me running each with my id is not a solution and I don't want to give more than Test Team member permission but don't even want to give everything that out of the box role gave as users can change and delete things they might not consider important.


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David Mehaffy (90123238) | answered Sep 23 '14, 5:39 p.m.
 I found it - you must have XML Import permission for the CLA to update data.

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