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How to set license lease (timeout) to the minimum 30 minutes in CLM 4.0.6 ?

long TRUONG (3654104141) | asked Sep 15 '14, 4:29 a.m.
Have just upgraded PRD (RTC/RRC)  to 4.0.6 two weeks after same on TEST env from 4.0.3.
Have been anticipating taking advantages of the reduced minimum lease introduced in 4.0.5.
Quite surprised to find:
  • OOTB setting of 60 minutes in PRD and 120 in TEST, installed from the exact same repo, hence upgraded by exact same scripts.
  • How could they be different when both sides were upgraded from 4.0.3. where the minimum lease was 120 minutes ?
  • This was observed through the issued leases listing, and verified to be set by "License checkout time" .
  • Also had not seen "License Timeout" (set to default 1800000) before:
    • Wonder if it existed in 4.0.3 ?
    • What is it for ?
    • Is it to set the minimum for "License checkout time" ?
  • Why the difference in units, secs & ms -- confusing --, with:
    •  "License checkout time" in secs 
    • and the rest in ms:
      • "License Timeout"
      • "Floating License Denial Timeout"
      • "Floating license refresh rate (in ms)"

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Donald Nong (14.4k314) | answered Sep 16 '14, 12:49 a.m.
If you are using floating licenses, then yes, you need to change the "License checkout time" property for
See this technote for more details.
The properties are for different components so you need to pay attention to the component name when looking at the properties. For example, "License Timeout" is for, i.e. token licensing, and it will not affect your usage of floating licenses. The last two properties in your post are for, and I don't know the exact meaning of them so I will leave them as default.
The different units are the choice of the different components I believe.
Not sure about the different "default value" in your PRD ant TEST environments. Are you sure it's the "default value", not the "current value" showing the difference?
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long TRUONG commented Sep 16 '14, 12:59 a.m.

The default was both 3600 secs

But the OOTB current value were 7200 and 3600 secs in TEST & PRD respectively: odd

            Property          Current Value    Default Value <o:p> </o:p>

TEST : License checkout time   7200  3600

PRD: License checkout time   3600 3600

Donald Nong commented Sep 16 '14, 2:01 a.m.

It's possible that you somehow "touched" the setting in the TEST environment so that it was recorded in the conf/jts/ file and in turn got carried over into the migrated 4.0.6 environment. The entry is

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