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Is there a way to collect the number of Streams, Checkins, code Deliveries and Loads for a given RTC server?

Andre Gusmao (802540) | asked Aug 05 '14, 2:45 p.m.
I have been collecting several data from a RTC server for monitoring purposes, such as:
- CPU Usage
- Mem Usage
- WebContainer Thread Pool usage
- Response times
- Users growth ratio (increase in the number of users week after week)
- PAs growth ratio (increase in the number of PAs week after week)

However I could not find a way to collect a few more data:
- Streams growth ratio (increase in the number of Streams week after week)
- Checkins performed
- Code Deliveries
- Loads

I checked the REST API documentation, but didn't find anything useful for this purpose there (even though there is a Workspace element available through the REST API, there is no property exposing the Stream creation date).

Any thoughts or ideas on how to collect these data?

Thanks in advance.

Tim Mok commented Aug 06 '14, 10:13 a.m.

Streams growth ratio (increase in the number of Streams week after week) - You could fetch streams and count them. You need to keep track of your count week to week. This might be stored in the data warehouse already or might have the ability to store this data for you.

Checkins - Be aware that a user can check-in to a change set multiple times before closing it. This data isn't recorded any place but you might be able to calculate it if you got the created change sets since last time you checked and looked at the change set states.

Code Deliveries - If you're using 5.0 or greater, there might be API to help you here.

Loads - I don't think this is tracked.

If you're looking to record usage data, you might not be able to record everything that you would want. There are all sorts of SCM operations that you don't mention that wouldn't have any way of tracking usage (eg. accepts, creating snapshots, etc.).

It's quite an ambitious task to track this data and there will be very little to no API that will help you. Check the data warehouse though as that might provide you with some metrics.

Andre Gusmao commented Aug 06 '14, 3:35 p.m.

Thanks Tim. I think I overlooked the data warehouse as a source for these metrics. I will see what kind of data I can gather there.

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