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[closed] Pro and con of upgrading to 5.0.1 vs to 4.0.5 from CLM 4.0.3 ?

long TRUONG (3654118146) | asked Jul 31 '14, 9:26 p.m.
closed Sep 24 '21, 7:39 a.m. by Krzysztof Kaźmierczyk (7.4k374103)
 We are contemplating upgrading from CLM 4.0.3 (no QM, NO RTC source control/no RTC build; on Windows):
  • either to 4.0.5
  • or 5.0.1
Any help to our weighing would be appreciated:
  • Would performance of later version be linearly/exponentially better than older ?
  • Are there any intangible gains on top of what we can find in the literature ? with newer version.
  • Any snafus going from 4.0.3 or lower version to 4.0.5 ?
  • Any issues going from 4.0.3 or lower version to 5.0.1 ?
We are super-cautious this time, as our last, and only, upgrade, from 3.x to 4.0.3 had been nothing but troubles, the Jazz tools were down for a week.
Reasons forcing us to upgrade and narrow to the 2 choices:
  • Defect 71478 invisible RRC folders, fixed in 4.0.4
  • Defect 75368 import fails for RRC artifacts of any artifact type with uninitialized enumeration attribute, fixed in 4.0.4
  • Defect 324511 & RFE 322143 slow WI ETL collection, fixed in 5.0.1 and with hotfix for 4.0.5 (by mistake: it meant to be for our current version 4.0.3 as a result of our submitted PMR).
  • We have to observe our policy of caution on rushing to new releases, 5.0.1 is not due for consideration before 2015.
  • Yet our WI ETL job has been taking days, and lately kept failing, we don't have a good WI collection since June 10.
  • Besides the Java ETL fix in 5.0.1, DCC would be available, its hype of performance probably reflects its true capability.

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Takehiko Amano (1.3k3741) | answered Jul 31 '14, 11:17 p.m.
edited Aug 01 '14, 12:45 a.m.
I'm afraid 5.0.1 is not released yet. However, upgrade from V4.0.x to V5.0.x must be done carefully.  There is some issues with upgrade RRC (now it is called RDNG).

The main issue looks like WI ETL performance. Are you using RRDI ?
If this was the case, you have option to just upgrade RRDI to V5, keep RTC V4 (still JTS may needs to be upgrade to V5).

So my recommendation is to fix the immediate needs ( WI collection ), then test migration carefully from V4 to V5.0.x in a isolated environment.

Note) This is reedited to fix the problem
 - original RTC V5 -> correction RTC V4

Robert Wen commented Aug 01 '14, 12:20 a.m.

I agree with Takehiko.  I think a gradual move from 4.0.3 to 4.0.5 or later (4.0.7 came out a couple of weeks ago) is a smart move.  After testing that out, you can then look for moving to v5.0.


Paul Ellis commented Aug 01 '14, 4:55 a.m. | edited Aug 01 '14, 5:24 a.m.

+1 on Robert and Takehiko's quotes above.  See for why if you're intending to stay on the 4.x stream, you should be aiming for 4.0.7 .

As you use RRC, there are significant changes in 5.x, not least JTS and RRC being split.  There are also significant performance improvements, not least for WAN customers.  There is a big DNG (RRC) paper performance paper due soon, but for now you can see:

I think that the other comments address your other points, so I hope this info also helps

Also - in case you didn't see it.  Here is the link to the announcement of the convergence of RRC and DOORS Next Gen into one product name...