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How do you control the order of state groups in a task board view?

Ryan Koppelman (1525) | asked Jul 28 '14, 7:15 p.m.
I am adding a number of state groups for more granular states to facilitate a kanban board process flow. However, it seems like I don't have control over what order the groups display in on the board (the "swim lanes"). 

Can anyone clarify what dictates the order or these state group columns on the kanban task board?

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Lily Wang (4.9k714) | answered Jul 29 '14, 9:51 p.m.
 Hi Ryan,
By my testing in RTC 4.0.6, the order of the state groups in Taskboard view is following the order of the state group's category: Open, In Progress and Closed.
For the state groups in the same category, the order in which the state groups appear match the order defined in the process configuration.

To change the order of the state groups defined in the process configuration, you can go to the "Process Configuration Source" tab, manually change the order of the state group definition, such as:
   <stateGroupDefinition category="open" id="open" name="Open"/>
   <stateGroupDefinition category="inprogress" id="inprogress" name="In Progress" oslcGroup="oslc-inprogress"/>
    <stateGroupDefinition category="closed" id="verified" name="Verified" oslcGroup="oslc-verified"/>
   <stateGroupDefinition category="closed" id="closed" name="Closed" oslcGroup="oslc-closed"/>

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Ryan Koppelman commented Jul 30 '14, 11:33 a.m.

Perfect, thank you! 

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YOGESH LOKHANDE (10441926) | answered Mar 21 '17, 5:30 a.m.

not working in 4.0.7

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