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Searching for Snapshots and Build Results

Rafael Rezende (431623) | asked Jul 17 '14, 10:46 a.m.
Hi all,
I have few questions about the search of Snapshots and Build Results within a Project Area. Just to understand a bit of my build environment, I'm currently using RTC + Jenkins, and Ant tasks for logs, artifacts and links publishing.
  1. The Build Result contains a reference to the Snapshot used in the build process. Is it possible in RTC to search the other way around? That is, to get a list of Build Results that used a given Snapshot? (It could be a single BR instead of list, because in RTC+Jenkins the relation is always 1:1, since a new snapshot is created for every build.)
  2. To keep the traceability of our artifacts wherever they are deployed, we plan to stamp on them the BuildResultUUID of the respective build. However, how can we retrieve the Build Result in the RTC GUI given a BuildResultUUID?
  3. Similarly, is it possible to search for a snapshotUUID?

Thanks in advance,

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