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Why are Templates (.dta's I created in RPE Doc Studio and visible there) not visible in RQM or even Windows explorer?

Ken Mullen (611) | asked Jul 15 '14, 9:43 a.m.
edited Jul 15 '14, 2:42 p.m.
Rational Publishing Engine 1.2.1,   Windows 7 - Windows Explorer, RQM Version 4.0.2

Attempting to use RQM with a .dta file from RPE.     Note:  .dta file works, then if modified RQM will not display the file name but will display the existing file names in the same directory.

Why are Templates (.dta's I created in RPE Doc Studio which are displayed in the list of Templates there) not displayed in RQM list of templates or even Windows explorer?   (believe I was even exposing hidden files)

Created templates inside RPE Document Studio, just slightly Modified existing template - saved as new name. 
Those .dta files which I created inside RPE Doc Studio - along with pre-existing templates are displayed in the RPE products when looking at Template Lists, but .dta's which I created don't seem to show in lists anywhere else. 

(i.e.  In RQM, pre-existing .dta's in same folder display, but one's I created will not display.  Windows Explorer the same issue - even when hidden files are displayed.)

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Dragos Cojocari (211) | answered Jul 17 '14, 10:09 a.m.
Hey Ken,

where are you creating those files? Does it happen to be somewhere on the C: drive?  Are you running RPE Studio and QM/Windows Explorer under the same user account? If you run either of them as administrator you should run the other as admin as well.


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Dragos Cojocari (211) | answered Jul 18 '14, 3:44 a.m.
See this to learn more what is happening if you try to edit a "dta" directly in C:\Program Files or other system areas:


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