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Rational Functional Tester - FREEZE while recording RTC action with pop-up window

Eyal G. Mizrachi (144) | asked Jun 26 '14, 6:13 a.m.
When recording with RFT 8.5.1 - RTC 4.0.6 - getting to a pop-up window
- recording FREEZES and doesnt recognize item (no line on java test added for that action)

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Don Yang (7.7k21114139) | answered Jun 27 '14, 10:12 p.m.
Hi, Eyal

Regarding RFT recording, I don't think you would get much info from jazz forum as it is RFT related issue and should go to RFT forum(I remember I posted the RFT forum info to your another questions on RFT before hence the same RFT forum). The interesting part is that you use RFT to record RTC here(although I don't know why), I assume you mean recording against RTC client, web client or Eclipse client. From RFT recording point of view, there are many questions to ask here even though you go to RFT forum:
1) is your RFT working properly when testing similar application? For example if you test against RTC web client, then have you tried to test normal web site such as google and does it work for you?
if it works, then it means your RFT works in general when recording browser based application.
2) further question is what browser and java version you are using? Have you enabled browser and java and test the enablement of browser and java in RFT?
Have you confirmed whether the browser and java version are supported in RFT?
3) To test web application with RFT, it is important to understand the objects you are testing against?
Are they customized or not?
As the issue is related to pop-up window, where is it from? from browser or from Windows?
Do you know the objects of the pop-up window: what is it developed by? standard or custom objects?
RTC browser may use a lot of dojos, is the version of dojo mattering here as RFT only supports a certain version of dojos? and so on.

I listed some common and important checking points above for you to provide the info when asking in RFT forum so that it will make more sense for anyone to provide further advice to the issue from RFT recording point of view.


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