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Why is my Jazz help slow to load

Gary Day (181014) | asked Jun 13 '14, 8:24 a.m.

I have a RTC\JTS install with CCM, QM, DM and RELM and the help is ridiculously slow to load - each page taking well in excess of one minute. I have an almost identical RTC\JTS install on a second network where the help runs fine. I have given my apache-tomcat service a starting memory of 256mb and a max of 6000mb (having already tried lower values first).

The servers themselves have similar loads. and are both 2008 R2 VM's

I have another apache-tomcat installation on another drive of the same server. I loaded my RDM help into that and it runs just fine. Is there a way of getting one or more of my help applications to use help from a different apache instance to that which is running JTS?

In the of the conf\dm folder I can see

might I be able to amend it to this?

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Brian Fleming (1.6k11928) | answered Jun 13 '14, 10:56 a.m.
Yes, you could do that, but be sure to escape the ":", so the entry should be:\://myserver\:8090/rdmhelp/index.jsp

Note that by default, rdmhelp acts as a proxy to content served from  It would be interesting to see what the response time to is like from your two different networks.  You can confirm how your help is configured, and change it to locally served if you prefer, by going to https://server:port/rdmhelp/remote/remotehelp.jsp.  See for details.

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