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news for Component Developers (wiki topics updated for M3)

Chris Daly (61651) | asked Oct 08 '07, 9:28 p.m.
I've been updating the Component Development wiki topics (under for the 0.6M3
build released last Friday.

I want to highlight several changes in M3 that can make your component
development experience much nicer. :-)

First there is now a much easier way of building a repository database
for your component. This involves running a JUnit test instead of using
repotools. (This JUnit test has always been available to the Jazz core
teams, but recently it started to appear in Jazz source builds so
everyone can access it.) For details about this please see the wiki topic:

Second you may remember a section of the JazzTalk tutorial where you
make a local copy of repository.ecore so it can be referenced from the
jazztalk.ecore model. This was not a good way of referencing
repository.ecore (because the local copy will differ from the "real"
copy as the repository model changes with each milestone), but it was
the only way at the time. With the latest version of the codegen tool,
repository.ecore can be referenced in the target platform with the URI:
Step 2 of the JazzTalk tutorial has been revised (and greatly
simplified) with the instructions.

You can fixup your own storage model by doing "minor surgery" on the
XML. Open the ecore file with the text editor and search for:


and replace it with:


Then open the model in the Ecore editor and expand all the nodes to
confirm that repository.ecore gets located and loaded correctly.

The JazzTalk download has been updated with these changes. It also
includes a new project called com.example.jazztalk.launches which
contains a JUnit launch to build a database (using the mechanism
mentioned above) and a pre-configured launch to start the jazz server
with the JazzTalk component.

I have done a bunch of "wiki-refactoring" to describe these changes in
the most appropriate topics. If anyone is getting stuck or sees bugs in
the wiki topics, please report it here and I will help. Also, stay
tuned for a new tutorial that describes storage modeling beyond JazzTalk
coming very soon....


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Mark Buquor (36) | answered Oct 09 '07, 3:57 p.m.
Thanks for keeping those topics up to date, Chris. They've been very helpful.

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