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Unable to connect when setting up Tomcat as a service

Grant LaBour (121) | asked Oct 03 '07, 12:21 p.m.
Was able to set this up and get it working using the OOTB configuration.

Problem is we can't leave the web server logged in and running all day so we setup Tomcat to run as a service. The service starts up fine but when we try to login we get a generic unable to login error.

Logs show the following:
Caused by: Error executing statement select t1.ITEM_ID from REPOSITORY.CONTRIBUTOR as t1 where (t1.USER_ID = ?)
... 57 more
Caused by:
java.sql.SQLException: Schema 'REPOSITORY' does not exist

Any suggestions would be welcome.


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Bill Higgins (24611) | answered Oct 03 '07, 10:19 p.m.
Usually when you see a message like "Schema 'REPOSITORY' does not exist" it means there's something seriously wrong with the database that backs the Jazz Repository (like it's empty or the Jazz server can't locate it).

I've notified some Repository component team members of this thread to see if they have more concrete guidance.

Question: Would you please clarify what you mean by running Tomcat "as a service"? Like a Windows service or ... ?

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john stone (21) | answered Oct 04 '07, 12:44 p.m.
I'm trying to run tomcat as a windows service on a vm instance of windows 2003 server. The appache service gets created and you can start and stop the service without error. When I try to connect to the server from my desktop I get the error that the repository schema does not exist in the log file and at http 500 internal server error.

When I log into the server and run server.startup.bat I'm able to connect to the server from my desktop and there are no errors in the log.


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Bill Higgins (24611) | answered Oct 04 '07, 12:50 p.m.
Since two people have reported the same problem, I've opened Defect 32987 for tracking. Please continue discussion in the defect (I've subscribed you both).

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