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How to display values horizontally in 'Checkbox Enumeration List' attribute?

Taki Nakajo (1.1k2346) | asked May 15 '14, 12:12 a.m.
How to display values horizontally in 'Checkbox Enumeration List' attribute?

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After adding an attribute with Enumeration List type as Checkbox Enumeration List Kind in a Editor Presentation,
The attribute displays values as the default.

O Windows

To customize an editor presentation:

1. Open the Editor Presentations page:
   In the Team Artifacts view of the Work Items perspective, right-click the project area and select Open.
   Click the Process Configuration tab.
   Expand Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items, then click Editor Presentations
   Select the Editor Presentation ''.

2. Add a presentation to the section:
   Click Add Presentation. 
   In the Attribute field, select a customized Enumeration List type attribute
   in the Kind field, select 'Checkbox Enumeration List'
   Click OK to save the presentation definition.

3. Click Save to save your changes.

4. Open a new workitem.

   The attribute displays the Enumeration List vertically in the workitem.


Taki Nakajo commented May 29 '14, 10:05 p.m. | edited May 29 '14, 10:06 p.m.

 I've created the new RFE on the behalf of a customer.

Add an option to display literal values horizontally in 'Checkbox
Enumeration List' attribute in Editor presentation
ID: 54204
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Joseph Mao (440189) | answered May 19 '14, 1:17 a.m.
 Hi Takki, 
I do not think you can display the list in horizontal.
Taki Nakajo selected this answer as the correct answer

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