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RTC-DOORS: RCR state not transitioning

nicolas teulier (821813) | asked Apr 30 '14, 11:37 p.m.
edited Apr 30 '14, 11:39 p.m.
Hi all,
I'm using DOORS (v9.5.2.1) to manage my requirements and I need to enable requirement change control using RTC (v4.0.6).
I've used these two very useful links:

When I open a change management controlled module in DOORS, I can see the list of "Assigned" CRs allocated to the user.
I can make changes as expected. Fine.

But when I try to send the RCR for review (action "Submit Work" - next state "Review"), I have the following error:

If I log in RTC with the same user and update the RCR state, then no problem.
It goes to the "review" state as expected.
And I can go back in DOORS and use the "Review" feature without problem.

I have the same problem with the "Apply" feature.
I can see the "Approved" RCRs in DOORS.
I select one and apply it.
Same error message than above (except the workflow state is s5 instead of s2).
But changes are applied in DOORS and RCR status is never updated in RTC (Half job done and database state is not consistent)
Here's the apply log:
===================================================Start processing Requirements Change Request Requirement Change Request 18 :===================================================1 member Module RCs found.On module(00000280) /TPD Test data 1.0/01.Business Requirements/01.Business Requirements:     <Edit this object> /TPD Test data 1.0/01.Business Requirements/01.Business Requirements/13 by nvt 05/01/14 11:32:36.Open module in edit mode...     Module /TPD Test data 1.0/01.Business Requirements/01.Business Requirements is opened in Shareable or Exclusive Edit mode.Checking access rights...Detecting conflicts...On module(00000280) /TPD Test data 1.0/01.Business Requirements/01.Business Requirements:Applying member RCs (pass 1)...     Insert recorded object 13 right after the object 3.     Modify object 13.On module(00000280) /TPD Test data 1.0/01.Business Requirements/01.Business Requirements:Applying member RCs (pass 2)...     Transition RC Requirement Change Request 18_req00000280_13 to applied...Transition Module RC for module(00000280) to applied...Save module /TPD Test data 1.0/01.Business Requirements/01.Business Requirements...Cannot transition RCR Requirement Change Request 18 to RCR Workflow.state.s4.  Applying RCR Requirement Change Request 18 Failed.Apply process Stopped!!!

My configuration template in DOORS:
cm_oauth_url= Debugrcr_applied_value=RCR Workflow.state.s4rcr_approved_value=RCR Workflow.state.s3rcr_assigned_value=RCR Workflow.state.s1rcr_conflict_behavior=OFFrcr_review_value=RCR Workflow.state.s2rcr_show_reject=falsercr_show_report=falsercr_submit_form= Change Requestrg_default_query=rg_default_type_selected=rg_default_typeurl= Workflow.action.a5rtc_enable=truertc_reviewAction_attr=RCR Workflow.action.a2rtc_state_attr=rtc_cm:state

Extract from the workflow state xml description:
<oslc_cm:Collection oslc_cm:totalCount="5">
    <rtc_cm:Status rdf:resource="https://xxx:9443/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/states/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.state.s1">
        <dc:identifier>RCR Workflow.state.s1</dc:identifier>
    <rtc_cm:Status rdf:resource="https://xxx:9443/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/states/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.state.s2">
        <dc:identifier>RCR Workflow.state.s2</dc:identifier>
    <rtc_cm:Status rdf:resource="https://xxx:9443/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/states/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.state.s3">
        <dc:identifier>RCR Workflow.state.s3</dc:identifier>
    <rtc_cm:Status rdf:resource="https://xxx:9443/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/states/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.state.s4">
        <dc:identifier>RCR Workflow.state.s4</dc:identifier>
    <rtc_cm:Status rdf:resource="https://xxx:9443/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/states/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.state.s5">
        <dc:identifier>RCR Workflow.state.s5</dc:identifier>
Extract from the actions XML description file:
<rtc_cm:Action rdf:resource="https://xxx/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/actions/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.action.a2">
    <dc:identifier>RCR Workflow.action.a2</dc:identifier>
    <rtc_cm:resultState rdf:resource="https://xxx/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/states/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.state.s2"/>
    <dc:title>Submit Work</dc:title>
<rtc_cm:Action rdf:resource="https://xxx/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/actions/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.action.a5">
    <dc:identifier>RCR Workflow.action.a5</dc:identifier>
    <rtc_cm:resultState rdf:resource="https://xxx/ccm/oslc/workflows/_pV7tDbrcEeOjUa_HdMiYLw/states/RCR%20Workflow/RCR%20Workflow.state.s4"/>
As everything but the state transition seems to work, I wonder what's wrong.

If someone could help or give me lead, it would be amazing!


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Maeve OReilly (3813) | answered May 01 '14, 11:57 a.m.
Hi Nico

I have only ever done this with the simple team process.  The space in 'RCR Workflow.action.a2' makes me suspicious - is that the problem?  For the Simple team process the action is: 
  • Apply Action Attribute:
No spaces.  

What I have also found useful when there is trouble in DOORS 9 connecting to RTC/RQM is to install fiddler and trace the HTTP calls.  You might see where it's going wrong.

ccm.log also worth looking at.

nicolas teulier selected this answer as the correct answer

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nicolas teulier (821813) | answered May 01 '14, 7:26 p.m.
Thanks for your post Maeve.
Indeed the space was the problem.

It's supported in the state id but not in the action id.
I had to replace it by 'RCR%20Workflow.action.a2'

Maeve OReilly commented May 02 '14, 3:55 a.m.

I'm glad to hear you got it working.  I would call that a DOORS defect, if you log a PMR it could be investigated further to see.  At a minimal, it should be documented. Ideally it should just work IMO.    

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