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Scheduled Risk Assessment Plan

David Ellis (3142) | asked Apr 30 '14, 4:52 a.m.
 Using RTC (as part of RCLM) 4.0.6. 
In a "Simple Team Process" plan, I see that "Schedule Risk Assessed Plan" is listed in the plan types as part of the process template. 
In the Web Client, I cannot see an option to create plans of this type. However, in the Eclipse client, it is there, and if I create the plan, it can then be viewed in the Web Client also and is correctly shown as a "Schedule Risk" type plan. Is that right - should I be able to create it in the web client too? 
I am then looking for the "Assess Schedule Risk" function, and I cannot see this in the web client, however I can see it (and use it) in the Eclipse client. Is that right - should it be available in both? 
I am then trying to enter the three point estimates for tasks. Initially I saw the entry fields for these (Minimal, Effective and Maximal Estimate) in the Eclipse client, and could enter values. However these now seem to have disappeared and I can see only dashes in the project plan view, and cannot edit them, although the values are still displayed in the web client view. 

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