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Configuration file for running scm daemon?

Dana Maxfield (2346) | asked Mar 06 '14, 1:53 p.m.
edited Mar 06 '14, 2:09 p.m.
We have a custom build environment that uses RTC for source code and build configuration. We are executing SCM daemons to interact with RTC. We know command line options exist for "--connection-timeout" and "--inactive-timeout". Can these values be stored in a configuration file that is read when the daemon is started?

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Shashikant Padur (4.2k27) | answered Mar 06 '14, 11:05 p.m.
You cannot store these values in a configuration file but can set the following environment variables:

For more information on environment variables take a look at the below link:
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Dana Maxfield commented Mar 07 '14, 8:45 a.m.

Thank you Shashikant, we will try out.

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