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Cross linking RTC instances

Kevin Zemanek (2454825) | asked Mar 20 '09, 2:18 p.m.
What is the best answer to cross link one RTC instance to another and one development line team area to another?

We in Project 1 and Project 2 have the need to have user stories such as those below. (Notice there are two three levels of dependencies here - two within an RTC instance across development lines, one across RTC instances):

Project 1 instance:

Story: As a user, I want function BLUE
Task: Integration work to work with GREEN codebase from Team 1

Project 2 instance:

Team 1 Development line:

Story: As product ABC I want function GREEN
Task: Development work to code GREEN and work with RED codebase (that supports GREEN)

Team 2 Development line:

Story: As a GREEN user, I need RED functions
Task: Development work

For now, we're doing cheap things like noting informal handoffs and cross linking via http urls, but that isn't really the best answer.


(Sorry if this seems confusing - it made more sense when the real function names were listed)

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