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RTC export stream (or full db) from Jetty server

Gidi Gal (962056) | asked Feb 10 '14, 3:30 p.m.
Hello to the forum members,

I am testing my RTC extension development on a Jetty server. I made some settings on my DB: created a stream, some components and delivered some files into them. Now, I'd like to export this data to my colleagues so they can work on it with their local Jetty servers.

I read the following question:
According to the answer over there, I should use repotools. However, trying to use it on Jetty server folder results in error:
Could not find provisioning directory L:\RTC40Dev\workspaces\Dev1\server\conf\ccm\provision_profiles.

Is there a different recommendation regarding exporting data from Jetty server ?


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Sandy Grewal (1.6k1223) | answered Mar 19 '14, 8:25 a.m.
I am assuming the Derby DB.
If so you can copy the directory to the new instance and use it.

Hope that helps!

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