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Can you include environment parameters in an xml file used in .load?

Daniel martin (10122926) | asked Jan 21 '14, 12:37 p.m.
 We have a very large RTC/BF integration. One of the steps during our build process is to load an xml file contained inside the RTC workspace, using ".load".  If someone wants to add a new property to their build definition, for use inside the xml file my team must first add the variable to the Build Forge environment.  Because the build xml file is unique to each project/stream it would be really nice if the ".load" could dynamically add environment variables contained within the xml file, and set the value based on the build definition. 

Currently our build xml has this for env:
            <library />
Is that possible?

If not is there a way Build forge can inherit variables and values directly from the RTC build definition?

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