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requesting a build from RTC using Build Forge engine

Barb I (71810) | asked Apr 04 '13, 1:18 p.m.

I've setup a test environment to learn more about Build Forge and the integration with RTC.

Build Forge ver and RTC ver 4.0.1 on Windows.

Build Forge and the Build Forge Agent have been installed and successfully integrated with RTC.

I've created a new Build Forge engine and definition in RTC and have successfully linked the 2 apps.

I can run Projects I've setup in Build Forge from RTC.

I'm now trying to request a build in RTC using the Build Forge engine/definition.  I'm trying to build ...\JKEBuildScripts\\build.xml that comes with the Money that Matters sample Project.

I've been reading documentation that I've found online and they all refer to needing ANT and JazzJBE for the build to work.  However, the docs are old and could be outdated.  I thought that with the newer versions of Build Forge I didn't need to use JazzJBE if I didn't want to.

I'm confused.  I know that there are many different types of build some of which could require additional functionality that Build Forge doesn't provide. But for executing that xml file I thought I didn't need anything else.

Any assistance in helping me understand what tools are needed would be appreciated.

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Spencer Murata (2.3k115971) | answered Apr 04 '13, 1:27 p.m.
 If you are looking to start a build in RTC from Build Forge, it would have to be using the Ant Tasks or the API.  Specifically the requestTeamBuild Ant Task.  The use case to start builds in RTC from BuildForge is a little unusual, in that generally you would want BF to drive any build actions, i.e. you only want requests from RTC to BF, and let BF handle all the build stuff.  But if you do want BF to start RTC builds, I would say that the requestTeamBuild action is the best solution.  That won't require the JBE, but just the RTC Build Ant task.


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Barb I (71810) | answered Apr 04 '13, 3:15 p.m.

Thanks for your reply Spencer.

Just to clarify. 

The scenario is that a user would be in RTC and submit a request to perform a build using the RTC provided Build Forge engine and RTC provided Build Forge definition.  There would already be some setup in Build Forge (server, project... ) and possibly some additional properties that would be provided as part of the build request.

It sounds like you are saying that ANT would be required but JazzJBE would not be necessary. 

To me, whether it's an ad hoc build request from RTC or one that is setup in the RTC Build Definition Schedule Tab is beside the point.  In either case it's using Build Forge to go through the steps to execute the build of the xml file.  I'm just not understanding what all needs to be in place for that to happen.

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Spencer Murata (2.3k115971) | answered Apr 05 '13, 11:22 a.m.
What you are describing is the more standard use case.  So you have users in RTC who are looking to start a build in BF.  That will just be using the BF build definition.  The build definition is linked to a specific BF project, so when the RTC build definition gets a build request it will fire the corresponding project in BF.  An Ant file is not required then since the build implementation details will be held on the BF side, and RTC is just calling those BF projects and getting the results back.  The JazzJBE adaptor is only necessary if you are intending to set up the build as a continuous integration one.  So if you are just setting up RTC to fire a regularly scheduled or user-initiated build in BF, then the JazzJBE is not necessary in the BF side.


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Barb I (71810) | answered Apr 05 '13, 2:33 p.m.

Thanks Spencer.

So then when I review this admitedly oldish link

I don't know how to modify it to not use JazzJBE or ANT.

In BF I added a new environment and a couple environment variables to help point to where the workspace is.

I then created a new BF Project using that new environment.  It has one step:


It uses a BF defined server and I can see that when I run the build from RTC it greates a new subdirectory underneath the path defined in the server definition.

When requesting the build in RTC the 2 variables are defined so as to provide a complete path to the xml file.

I get no errors but no build is generated.

I've no doubt I'm misssing something elementary.  If you could enlighten me I'd really appreciate it.

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Spencer Murata (2.3k115971) | answered Apr 05 '13, 3:10 p.m.
If the builds are disappearing (moving from Pending to just gone), then its probably doing a CI build.  The ".source JazzJBE" step will delete the build if there are no changes in the stream to be accepted.  Try delivering a change in the stream and see if the build will proceed.

To modify the example to not use JazzJBE, look at using the scm command line tool to load the workspace and/or accept the changes from a BF step.  That would avoid using the JazzJBE and its CI components.


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