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Integrating RTC, Build Forge and Maven

David Castellanos (20686) | asked Oct 01 '12, 5:49 p.m.
I'm looking for some advice on how to properly configure RTC BF and Maven. There are multiple ways of setting this up and I want to make sure nothing is being overlooked.
RTC is used for version control/builds/ci and is integrated with Build Forge to manage all builds. The integration is done through the JazzSCM adaptor, so build requests come from RTC build definitions.
Maven is the standard for all build & dependency configurations and is directly tied to artifact repositories. 
Maven projects are stored in RTC components: projects aren't nested but there could be 2+ projects in one RTC component. 

The goals for this integration are the following:

1. The ability execute specific Maven projects at build time. 
2. The ability to only build changed projects (similar to what "build only if there are changes accepted" provides for components)
3. Build results should report/list all the project level artifact details that were impacted during the build. Logs provide some of this at a component level, but ultimately I would like to see all the [maven] artifacts associated for a specific build request.

Goal 3 is about providing reports on build results: being able to answer the questions 'What [maven projects] went into this build?', 'What [maven projects] changed from the previous build?'. Goals 1 & 2 are there in order to support goal 3.

As mentioned, there are multiple ways of configuring this... one could use the JazzSCM adaptor or invoke the scm cli. Maven goals can be used with the jazz scm plug-in, or you could just do without. 

Some guidance or direction on how to achieve this would be extremely useful. 

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Ralph Schoon (62.9k33645) | answered Oct 08 '12, 10:14 a.m.

this might be a good starter:

There is also some documentation on how to set up RTC build with maven in the integrations section, I believe. I also found some hits in the libary that you might want to look at.

I have helped to set it up a few times, but I have no real experience with BuildForge.

Build publishing is described in the help. You can publish links and content. Here is a description that goes a bit beyond that:

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