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Could I map LDAP's group to Jazz RTC's project role?

dennys hsieh (2911519) | asked Jan 02 '14, 12:14 a.m.
Jazz RTC has SA, SD, Architect, Developer, ... roles (it calls process role).
But is it possible that I maintain the role in LDAP and Jazz RTC use it from LDAP directly?

I checked this document, I think it's for Jazz RTC's common users, but I want to map the project user.

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k23035) | answered Jan 02 '14, 1:10 a.m.
LDAP groups are not a good match for RTC roles, because an LDAP group is global, while an RTC role is project area and team area specific (a given user may have one role in one project/team area, but not have that role in a different project/team area).
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dennys hsieh commented Jan 02 '14, 1:14 a.m.

If we create these roles in LDAP, is it possible to map? The purpose is that we can share the role definition for other tools like Jenkins, JIRA, ...

  • Project1_SA
  • Project1_SD
  • Project1_Architect
  • Project2_SA
  • Project2_SD
  • Project2_Architect
  • Project3_SA
  • Project3_SD
  • Project3_Architect

Geoffrey Clemm commented Jan 02 '14, 1:37 a.m.

RTC does not currently let you map LDAP groups into roles, so you would need to submit an RFE if you wanted this functionality.   Or you could write a program that periodically read this information from LDAP, and then used the RTC API to update the RTC roles in the specified projects appropriately.   If you decide to go that route, and find you need some help with writing that program, I'd suggest creating new forum questions for any specific issues you encounter.

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