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View Plan for Particular SI alone

Bharath Adhithya (5212843) | asked Nov 21 '13, 7:11 a.m.
When plan is created based on iteration for a particular month, all the items including defects planned for that month is extracted. Don’t know how to take SI alone. Apart from that, if I have an enhancement, its estimates and resources, I need to know how I can plan the build in RTC for the particular enhancement 

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Aradhya K (1.4k44345) | answered Nov 21 '13, 11:25 a.m.
You can create the filters to filter out the work item based on work item type using the the expression filters.
There is a built in filter called exclude execution items. This will filter out the work items which are not marked as Plan Items.

Regarding the build, what I would recommend is create a work item to track the requirements from the build and build issues. For our development process we create some thing called TBI (Track Build Item) through which the required people will track the build for a specific items. is an example on how we track a build for a sprint or release. You can extend the same for a enhancement as well.

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