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High Time execution retrieve RTC workitem history

Arturo San Feliciano (4511010) | asked Nov 05 '13, 3:13 a.m.

    I´m developing a JobStream with datamanager to get workitems history but the time elapsed on the process is very high (not too much records 51474). Which could be the causes? how can improve the performance?

   I use the xdc files downloaded from rtc server and the query on DataManager is (select all attributes of Wi history on 5 project areas):

SELECT "resolutionDate",
where projectAreaItemId ='_8yYyQI1rEeKhwYZgctl45w'
or projectAreaItemId ='_ppY1gIczEeK829ZH5BxfIw'
or projectAreaItemId ='_v28WsKgeEeKGsdKVPE2-rQ'
or projectAreaItemId ='_lR1CkMkiEeKvAcjHViGEdg'

    The DM log shows:

Data Manager v10.1.6235.143 -- (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1999, 2012
databuild -- start run on RIETL (02-Nov-2013 06:47:40)

Run context:
JobStream '1.-ETL-CTTI'
JobStream 'CargaDatos'

[PROGRESS   - 06:47:49] Fact Build 'CTTI_WI_HISTORICO'
[PROGRESS   - 06:47:49] Validating Build Specification
[PROGRESS   - 06:47:56] Checking Fact Data existence
[PROGRESS   - 06:49:20] Processing Reference Data
[PROGRESS   - 06:49:20] Processing Dimension Domains
[PROGRESS   - 06:49:20] Processing Fact Data
[PROGRESS   - 12:04:05] Delivery 'CTTI.WI_HISTORICO': 51474 insert(s), 0 update(s) to 'CTTI.WI_HISTORICO'
[PROGRESS   - 12:04:05] Acquisition: 51474 accepted, 0 rejected
[PROGRESS   - 12:04:05] Delivery   : 51474 direct, 0 summary/merge, 51474 total
[PROGRESS   - 12:04:05] Done - 0 05:16:25 elapsed
databuild -- completed (02-Nov-2013 12:04:05)


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