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Can I fill in RQM step results using a REST API?

Audric-Jai Cauvet (1111) | asked Oct 23 '13, 1:22 p.m.
We are using RQM to run semi-automated Test Scripts where a tester is following a test script which has embedded links in certain steps that trigger our simulators to change state.  When clicking on these links RQM will open up a new window that accesses our test server.  I would like the output from the HTTP Request to be Inserted into the Actual Results row of the test step but am new to RQM so am not familiar with how I can do that?

On my test server, when I click on the Link there is no Identifiable information (i.e. HTTP Header) indicating what step called the HTTP link, so even if I can find a REST API to push the data, how can I modify RQM such that clicking on a link in a Test Step will push information to my HTTP server?

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Ajay Chebbi (3113) | answered Oct 24 '13, 1:16 a.m.
You probably should explore using RQM test adapters to do the work in your simulators (assuming the simulator has a PI to do that). You can achieve the part automation part manual by authoring a manual script and adding Keywords for the automated steps. The Keywords can invoke the script in the adapter that will do the work in the simulator, and had a facility to return a lot of information back to be captured in the RQM test Result.

Audric-Jai Cauvet commented Oct 24 '13, 7:30 a.m.

Hello Ajay, I was under the impression that I could not mix manual steps and automation in a manual test script.  I have explored using an RQM connector running on a system that interfaces with my simulators.  Can you point me to where I can learn about Adding Keywords to automated steps and using them in an Manual Test Script?

Audric-Jai Cauvet commented Oct 24 '13, 7:38 a.m.

 Sorry Ajay, I misunderstood your answer.  We have implemented this manual scripting that a tester can execute via a command line that will manipulate the simulators.  I have taken this one step further as I don't want any human error in execution that I've created a CGI script that will execute this automated step via a link that I have inserted into the manual test script.  When I click the link I am able to run my automation.  My issue now is that I have to manually copy my results to the actual results column of the row where I clicked the link.  I would like to push the data collected by the automated test script back to RQM and there is where I am having difficulty.  The link that I click from within RQM is just opening a browser window which will contain some results.  RQM is not adding any headers that will tell my CGI server where the link was clicked from (what step/what test script/what test case/what test plan).  Ideally if RQM sent this information to my script I could use a REST api to push the results back to the execution record.

Ajay Chebbi commented Apr 14 '14, 11:12 a.m.

Audric-Jai, Instead of adding the link, use the Command Line Adapter to invoke the CGI script. The CLA has options to update result verdict as well as attach the result log files.

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