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How to better utilize Process Template Timelines Source code for prebuilding iteration timelines in new project areas?

Joel Lonneker (391016) | asked Oct 08 '13, 2:20 p.m.

We pre-define yearly timelines and iterations for entire years across our organization.  With this effort we have the opportunity to update the Process Template Timelines Source code to include Dates and Times.  I am able to input start/end dates to my Timelines Source, however am unable to correctly incorporate times.

Before and after:
            <iteration has-deliverable="true" id="DEV_2013" name="DEV_2013">
<iteration has-deliverable="true" id="IT2013-01" name="IT2013-01_0110_0123"/>
<iteration has-deliverable="true" id="IT2013-02" name="IT2013-02_0124_0206"/>
            <iteration has-deliverable="true" id="DEV_2013" name="DEV_2013">
<iteration has-deliverable="true" id="IT2013-01" name="IT2013-01_0110_0123" start="1/10/2013" end="1/25/2013"/>
<iteration has-deliverable="true" id="IT2013-02" name="IT2013-02_0124_0206" start="1/24/2013" end="2/08/2013"/>
- Note that this automatically defines the times as 9pm PT (I am PT and our servers are ET, so this makes sense to me)

This format improves the way in which timelines are preinitialized when a new project area is created.
(I count this as 70% improved over the out of the box timeline initialization).

For our burnups/downs to truly be accurate, we need time ranges to also initialize with our templatized timelines/iterations. 

Does anyone have examples of successfully templatized Timelines Source that includes dates AND times?

Joel Lonneker

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Jared Burns (4.5k29) | answered Oct 09 '13, 5:29 p.m.
Specifying a time in the template is not supported at this time. If you'd like this support to be added, please open an enhancement request against the Process component in Jazz Foundation.
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