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scm download for 4.0.2

Rainy John (381225) | asked Oct 01 '13, 7:54 a.m.
 I would like to download the scm tool of 4.0.2 version for 64 bit linux. Where is it available?

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Krzysztof Ka┼║mierczyk (7.4k371103) | answered Oct 01 '13, 8:06 a.m.
Hi Rainy,
try this:

Let us know if it works for you.
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Karl Weinert (2.0k52736) | answered Oct 01 '13, 8:05 a.m.
Go to
Click on the "Rational Team Concert" Link (not the "Download 4.0.4 button but the link above that )
You should now be on a page that says "All Versions"
Scroll down till you see "Rational Team Concert 4.0.2"
Click the "Rational Team Concert 4.0.2" link
This will bring you to the 4.0.2 downloads tab.
Click the All Downloads link\tab near the right hand side of the page.
From there scroll or search for "Plain .zip files"
Then scroll to "SCM Tools"
Select the appropriate version from the list on the right hand column.
Log in if you have not done so previously
Follow the prompts to complete the download.

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