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Placement of local workspaces

David Boyce (9643) | asked Feb 07 '09, 4:18 p.m.
When using Jazz Source Control, is it possible to choose where a 'local
workspace' is rooted? In the examples I've found the local data always
lives within the Eclipse workspace directory. This is mostly OK, but
what if there's no room or there are structural reasons the local files
need to be in a certain path?

The particular use case is a product which is mostly Java with a little
native code. The Java code fits neatly into the Eclipse-workspace
paradigm but the native code needs to be built via handmade tooling on a
number of platforms which are not Windows or Linux. If the local
workspace could be relocated to an exported partition this would be
easy. Eclipse, as an IDE, has no trouble working with projects rooted
outside the workspace dir but so far I cannot find out how to get RTC to
place them there.


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