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Get the owner and visibility of Component through API

Yung-Hsiang Chan (34913) | asked Nov 20 '14, 12:13 a.m.
edited Nov 20 '14, 12:16 a.m.
Hi, I want to get the owner and visibility of Component through API.

There is a api for setting the owner and visibility for Component like below.

workspaceManager.setComponentOwnerAndVisibility(IComponentHandle ch, IAuditableHandle ah, IReadScope pscope, monitor);

But there is no API for querying.

I've found there is a class ComponentOwner  and ComponentOwnerQueryModel in

I tried like below.

ComponentOwnerQueryModel componentOwnerQueryModel = ComponentOwnerQueryModel.ROOT;

// create a query for ComponentOwner
IItemQuery query = IItemQuery.FACTORY
// allocate space for the parameter
IItemHandleInputArg[] itemHandleArgs = new IItemHandleInputArg[] { query
.newItemHandleArg() };
// the query filter
IPredicate filter = ((ComponentOwnerQueryModel) componentOwnerQueryModel)

// 1 parameter required
IItemQueryPage queryPage = RTCService
new Object[] { iComponent },

if (queryPage.getResultSize() == 1) {
ComponentOwner componentOwner = (ComponentOwner) RTCService
(ComponentOwnerHandle) queryPage
IItemManager.DEFAULT, null);

But I got an error message: Remote queries are not allowed for the application-managed item type ""

how can i get this object?


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SEC Servizi (97122854) | answered Nov 20 '14, 4:02 a.m.
You should use the repo service
IScmService scmService = ...
IRepositoryItemService itemService = ...
IComponentHandle componentH = ...
ComponentOwnerHandle componentOwnerH = scmService.getComponentOwnerRecord((ComponentHandle) componentH);
ComponentOwner componentOwner = (ComponentOwner) itemService.fetchItem(componentOwnerH, IRepositoryItemService.COMPLETE);
IAuditableHandle ownerH = componentOwner.getOwner();
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One other answer

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Yung-Hsiang Chan (34913) | answered Nov 20 '14, 4:14 a.m.
edited Nov 20 '14, 4:15 a.m.
 I then found another way to do this.

List<IAuditableHandle> iAuditableHandles = RTCService.workspaceManager().findOwnersForComponents(components, null);
But I am not sure that the order of this list whether is equal to the list returned by getComponents().

Maybe the above solutions is better. 

SEC Servizi commented Nov 20 '14, 11:00 a.m.

According to, used as implementor for, the owners list will get the same order of the components list.

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