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Get 403 error "Access to the specified resource has been forbidden." when updating test resource via RQM REST API

Ming Jie Cai (26135) | asked Sep 04 '13, 1:52 a.m.
edited Sep 04 '13, 2:06 a.m.
I have a RQM Adapter tool based on RQM REST API and use this tool to get/create/update test result into RQM project. This tool works normally before with RQM 4.0.2, in recent time it can not create/update test resource any more, only can get the test resource. However  our RQM server keeps the same version and does not upgrade recently.
The error message is "HTTP Status 403 - Access to the specified resource has been forbidden."

Another information is that 
I also tried to use RQMUrlUtility tool, which download from, to update the resource, still failed with below error message:
"RQMUrlUtility: Server Response code: 403
  Disconnecting from the IBM Rational Quality Manager server."

Does the RQM server have something wrong?Do you have any suggestions on this problem? Thanks in advance!

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Stephane Leroy (1.4k139) | answered Sep 04 '13, 4:26 a.m.
Hi Ming,

strange situation as it seems like your environment was not changed (v4.0.2 before and after the problem occurred) but nonetheless has started behaving differently recently.

I see two possible areas of investigations:
1) Any licensing problem (or permission problem) for the user ID used in your adapter ?
2) Despite of your problem description, is there any chance you were running a version < to in a recent past and that you figure out of the problem with your adapter just now (in 4.0.2) ?  If it's in any way possible, I'd encourage you read this blog post : and check for the section addressing specifically pitfalls and the 403 error (mentioning the header "X-Jazz-CSRF-Prevent" introduced since v4.0.0.1).

Additional advice: to troubleshoot your problem, I'd suggest you use a REST client to debug your POST/PUT operation. For not pertubating your production environment, I recommend you create/access a test environment for this.

BTW: it's my assumption that your RQMUrlUtility is at 4.0.2 level (like your server) and not an earlier version.

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Ming Jie Cai commented Sep 06 '13, 12:31 a.m.

HI Stéphane , 

Thank you very much for he help!
After the investigation, I found this issue was because my ID's role and permissions had been changed in RQM project. After changing the permissions, I am able to use this tool with my ID to update test resource again.

Carol Cai.

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