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RQM reporting Questions

Rajesh Avanthi (10814128173) | asked Aug 26 '13, 1:24 p.m.

1.  How to create/upload a custom resource for Report generation?

2. What is the template to be used for creating/uploading a custom resource format for report creation?

3. In Reports section, for the report Execution status based on TCER count all the test cases associated to a selected test plan are not reflecting in Test case section automatically. What is the procedure to get the test cases displayed dynamically based on the selected test plan?

4. Also if we manually add the list of test cases under test cases section, the test names are not getting displayed, rather a blank field is displayed with a checkbox. How to get the test case names displayed in Edit report page?

5. How to create a report of TCER status for all test suites associated to a particular test plan.

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Francesco Chiossi (5.7k1719) | answered Aug 31 '13, 3:23 a.m.
edited Aug 31 '13, 3:25 a.m.
Hello Rajesh,

for #1 you can start by looking at the following links:

Integrating Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence with CLM data sources

Importing sample reports into quality management

Best Regards

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