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Integration of RTC and SVN via SCMBUG

Greg Smith (31126) | asked Jan 20 '09, 2:10 p.m.
Hello all,

We have successfully extended SCMBUG to allow us to integrate SVN checkins with workitems in RTC. Our integration includes the following:

- Use any SVN client to check in and assure that the checkin is associated with a valid workitem (in assigned state)

- Refuse checkins that are not connected to a valid work item

- Add comments to workitems when svn commits occur, so that the changes associated with a workitem can be associated back to the commits.

We used a proxy application in between scmbug and RTC, to convert REST calls in to RTC java client API calls. (until RTC has a documented REST API)

We would be happy to contribute this back to the community. We still need to figure out where to put it, and it needs some documentation, but we figure this is probably a need that others have as well.

If interested, email me directly and we can figure out how to get it to you.


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