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Requirements for RTC to manage Build and promotion of SCLM

Sathya moorthy (352913) | asked Aug 03 '13, 4:03 p.m.
edited Aug 08 '13, 9:11 a.m. by Kevin Doyle (60425)
Hi Team,

We are setting up RTC to manage builds and promotion on SCLM.  The first step of implementation is to have RTC manage the builds and to have SCLM continue executing the Builds. We need RTC build agent on z/OS, RTC/Jazz Server on one Linux image and DB2 server is on another Linux Image.

We have below questions/ doubts. Could you please clarify them

1. What FMIDs needs to be installed on z/OS?

Currently we have installed the below FMIDs
HRBA403  -  Rational Build Agent
HRBT403  -  Rational Build Tool Kit
HRCC403  -  Rational Common Component         
HRDV403  -  Rational Developer for System z subset
We have setup the Build agent ( Without Jazz authentication user id and password file in script. ), Build tool kit and ISPF gateway on z/OS

2.What components/tools need to be setup as per our requirement in distribution platform?

3.Do we need to setup Jazz Build Engine for RTC builds in z/OS?
Currently we have setup the RTC Build Agent, Build tool kit and ISPF Gateway. We have not setup the Jazz authentication and Jazz Build Engine

4.What is the use of ISPF Gateway and ISPF client? Where does ISPF gateway and Client fit into RTC setup as per our requirement.

5.From Tomcat and WAS, which one is recommended and Based on our requirement. can we go with Tomcat?

6.How does RTC control the SCLM environment in MF and any architecture diagram between RTC and SCLM

7.How does the Jazz/RTC server communicate to: Build Agent on z/OS, SCLM on Z/OS and DB2 database server ?

8.What plugins are required for RTC to talk to SCLM?

9.How does RTC Server, Jazz Server, SCLM and DB2 server work together ?

10.We’re looking for a demonstration of the Build and promotion process through RTC using SCLM.

Thanks in advance


Jay Shah commented Sep 19 '13, 11:45 a.m.

Hi Sathya, 

We are in a similar situation as you? We are starting up RTC to manage builds and promotions in SCLM. Were you able to find more insight on it? Particularly for questions 6 through 10. 

I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. 

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Steve Dearth (2212) | answered Aug 08 '13, 1:13 p.m.
 I can help with some of these questions. 

1. It looks like you have the correct FMIDs installed if you simply want to build on z/OS, with the server and database running on distributed platforms.

2. If I understand your question, you will need to install the Jazz Team Server and the ccm application on your Linux box.

3. You will need a Rational Build Agent configured to perform Enterprise Extensions related builds, promotions, and deployments. Unless you plan on doing USS based builds, you probably don't need to have a Jazz Build Engine configured. You will, however, need to complete customization of The authentication information contained in that shell script is used by the build agent when communicating with the server.

4. The ISPF Gateway is an interface for client applications to connect to a z/OS host and run TSO and ISPF commands. The ISPF gateway is installed as part of ISPF as load modules and files in the HFS. You will need to configure the gateway as described in Configuring the ISPF Gateway for build, promotion, and deployment support if you intend to do promotions or deployments, or if your builds need to call TSO or ISPF commands from USS. 
The ISPF Client provides an ISPF interface to perform various Rational Team Concert functions. You can use the interface to edit, check-in, deliver, and build code that is stored in a Rational Team Concert repository. You can use the ISPF client, or the Eclipse client, to perform Enterprise Extensions build related tasks.

5. Yes, Tomcat is a supported platform and should work. Which application server you choose should be based on a complete evaluation of your team's requirements.

8. RTC doesn't directly provide SCLM support through additional plugins. One way of integrating with external repositories is through the Enterprise REST Gateway. See Using the Enterprise REST Gateway to integrate with source control management systems for more information. 

For questions 6, 7, 9, and 10, I'm going to let others with a bit more SCLM experience comment. 

Steve Dearth commented Aug 08 '13, 1:20 p.m.

I just noticed that you're installing v4.0.3. The links mentioned above should be replaced with the following:

Sathya moorthy commented Aug 13 '13, 8:08 a.m.

Thanks Steve.

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