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Releases and Iterations, Iteration plans

Guowei Jim Hu (1.0k610253) | asked Dec 11 '08, 11:31 a.m.
We know that releases are the products of a team's work. The releases that you identify appear in the list associated with the Found In field on a work item.

When I try to create releases, what should I put in as the creation date? Should it be the date the release to be shipped, or the date I create the Jazz release object?

If we come into Jazz from another system and have to bring in many existing old releases to maintain for bug fixes, this looks like the idea place to recreate them so we can file new bugs agaist them. Again the creation date seems to be the time the releases were created and shipped?

For current and future releases, there seems to be some confusion/overlapping with project phase iterations. Or we should not define release for current and future iterations, just for shipped releases to track bugs from customers?

For instance, if we are in M1 of itreation 8.1, can I define a release 8.1 with the creation date to be the time that 8.1 will be officially released? This way the work items filed will have 8.1 appear in both Planned For and Found In fields.

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