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Floating License logging information

Anish Anil (1811010) | asked Apr 18 '13, 6:53 a.m.
edited Apr 22 '13, 9:59 p.m. by Fariz Saracevic (919613)
Is it possible to enable and start logging the floating license information into a license.log file without restarting the jts server??

I have clm 4.0.1 installed and have enabled "" license logging feature.

Currently until i restart the JTS application server on the WAS Profile it is not possible to start the logging.
Is it possible to enable the logging on the fly without restarting the JTS application??

Thank you

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Kevin Ramer (4.5k9185200) | answered Apr 18 '13, 8:03 a.m.
There is a means of reloading log configuration (assuming you're wanting to reload the conf/jts/
Go to the Manage Application page
Insert ?internal=true just before the # symbol (or append it to the URI) then hit enter
This will reveal some "internal" items one of which is "Reload Log Settings"

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