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Hide RRC artifacts

Miroslav Zaninovic (36724) | asked Apr 09 '13, 3:59 a.m.
retagged Apr 22 '13, 2:59 p.m. by Douglas Bush (28125)
Is it possible in RRC hide folders and artifacts between Team Areas in same Project Area?

for example...
in one Project area

Team 1 is owner of Folder 1 and all subfolders and artifacts in Folder 1
Team 2 is owner of Folder 2 and all subfolders and artifacts in Folder 2

Is it possible to hide Folder 1 with all sub folders from Team 2 so that members of Team 2 are not aware of Folder 1 and artifacts in Folder 1, and they are not able to access them? 

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abhishek gour (3812) | answered Apr 09 '13, 5:12 a.m.

Read permissions are given at the project level. The read permission restriction can be applied only at project level. So if user has read permission for project or any of its Team Area, then it gets the read permissions to other team areas of the same project too.
For example, users of Team 1 automatically get read access to Project and all of the Teams under the project if users of Team 1 have read permission at project level.


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Wade Towles (33168) | answered Apr 17 '13, 2:31 p.m.
A different way to handle this, however, would be to create new roles and assign them appropriate rights in the team configuration area under the project permissions.  While different teams would still be able to see the folders, if the permissions don't grant the necessary rights to the artifacts, they will not be able to create, modify or delete artifacts that are not within their process area.

Douglas Bush commented Apr 22 '13, 2:58 p.m.

You can find more information on administering roles and permissions in RM projects in this help topic:

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