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How can I fetch the current user in RPE and display in RRDG

Erwin Kunz (94687086) | asked Apr 02 '13, 12:07 p.m.
 CLM 4.0.1

I would like to have the name of the logged in user displayed in the RRDG report he generates. Is there a way to get this information. is there a hidden variable .
When using the launcher I can uses a system call in java, but that doesn't work if integrated

thank you

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Edgar Ignacio Velazquez Mar (7225) | answered Apr 02 '13, 1:41 p.m.
There is no automatically way to do so, sounds like a good enhancement request :-)

 You can try using https://server:port/jts/whoami and use that as source for RTC user REST, I haven't done this before, but I believe this could work

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