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funky baseline results

Jan Van de Poel (2413116) | asked Nov 24 '08, 5:42 a.m.
While running the workshop we encountered some strange behavior in using the baselines...

Somebody asked what would happen if not all change sets would be accepted before creating a baseline. In trying that, RTC gave we a warning that not everything was accepted, one of the students had already created and delivered a baseline. This resulted in some very strange behavior, such as student x getting a baseline created by student y in his outgoing changes. Looking at the baselines of the component in the stream gave even stranger results.

The scenario for reproduction (jazzy, student1-3):
1. jazzy accepts all the incoming changes and creates baselines

2. student1 and student2 both make a change to their code and deliver to the stream

3. jazzy accepts the change set from student1, creates a new baseline and delivers this as well

4. student3 only accepts the change set from student2 and makes a new baseline that he delivers...

this is where the fun starts... The overview of baselines in the component has the wrong order of numbers, has duplicate entries,...

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