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In which scenario, 1 testcase should cover over 1 test scripts?

zhuang JunQian (1188) | asked Mar 20 '13, 10:23 a.m.
retagged Mar 21 '13, 12:56 p.m. by Gerd Schiering (12211316)
Most user are confused by testscript/testcase. they just think testscript should be part of testcase, especially in manual testing.  why there are two objects? it is confused.

I used to set up on scenario, there are 1 testcase, includes 1 manual test script. then this test script is automated. so 1 testcase, includes 2 test scripts, one is manual test script, one is automated test script.
then assign one tester to do manual testing, one do automated testing. the problem comes. for one testcase, it can only have one TER against one environment. interesting? so seems it should be two testcase, not 1 testcase with 2 test scripts.

in your case, do the customer map over 1 test script to one testcase, which scenario?

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Gerd Schiering (12211316) | answered Mar 21 '13, 11:19 a.m.
Hi Zhuang,
You should be able to create two TER's. It is just that the name of the test environment should be unique.
If you try to reuse an existing environment from the list you will indeed get an error complaining about the duplicate when saving the test case.
The way to do this is to put a slightly different test environment name when generating the test environment.
So one could have a postfix like _man or _auto  and you will get a TER with an environment like
"environment_man" and "environment_auto".

This gives you the structure of one testcase with two implementations (the manual and the automated one) and two TER's generated for execution while using the same environment, just with a different environment name.

Gerd Schiering
IBM Rational

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