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Creating the LPA using the unconfigured process template

Ashwath G (6623651) | asked Mar 07 '13, 7:18 a.m.


I am trying to create the Life cycle project area as an jazz administrator it only allow you to select the scrum,openup,formal project template where we need unconfigured process template.

Why jazz can not provide these templates in the lifecycle project creation where as it will in ccm area.I was trying to export the template and remodify the xml file then import  in my test environment ,but i could not able to find the templte during the project selection.

If i create the ccm project araea using the unconfigured process ,is there any limitations that i find down the line

Is there any work around for this.

Thank you.


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Sumant Renukarya (1.1k23339) | answered Mar 07 '13, 8:03 a.m.
Hello Ashwath

You should be using the RTC Eclipse client, which provides you the option to select unconfigured process template.


A process template provides a new project area with an initial process configuration and iteration structure. When you create a project area, you must specify a process template.

You can create a process template with no initial content, except the process configuration structure and placeholder iterations. Alternatively, you can create a process template from an existing project area and customize it.

To create a process template with only placeholder content, in RTC Eclipse client right-click a repository connection in the Team Artifacts view and click New > Process Template.


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Robert Myers commented Jun 21 '13, 4:33 a.m.

For Jazz.Hub, it would be more efficient when creating a Shared Process implementation of RTC to have the Unconfigured Process as a third option to the current Basic and SCRUM Process Template options.  An optional nice to have would be the Project Area: Change button of the Shared Process which could be used to select a Provider PA which is published by Admins. Jazz.Hub would take care of setting 'Use the process configuration from another project area for this project area' when the RTC PA is provisioned by Jazz.Hub.
We could  do the same thing with a SCRUM PA using the current functionality, bu the 'Unconfigured Process' Process Template would be simpler, quicker and all that is necessary to deploy a Shared Process System

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