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How to automatically populate custom field of Defect work item by Roles

Prasad Mandre (2521014) | asked Feb 08 '13, 7:26 a.m.


I am configuring defect work item. I want to create a drop down box which will automatically populate Role that I have created for Project area(e.g. Tester , developer) . I basically need to understand what is use of Roles that we have created  apart from just assigning Permissions specific to roles . If Defect is created by Tester then Defect Work Item should have a field which will automatically show that tester has created it.

Is it feasible to do so? Or do I have to manually put values of roles in drop down list.

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Millard Ellingsworth (2.5k12431) | answered Feb 11 '13, 8:02 p.m.
 Have you looked at Role-based attribute customization? Sounds like it will help with this. This developerWorks article has some examples:

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