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Test Script Print View - QM

Rajah Vedamurthy (1111128) | asked Jan 03 '13, 9:14 a.m.

This used to work fine in 2.x versions, when I upgraded my QM to 3.0 version, we discovered this issue and later found out that version has the fix for it, now that i have upgraded my 3.0 to, it is partially solving the problem of printing test scripts and test cases but not exactly the way it used to be in 2.0.

My Scenario:

In test script print view, when keywords are present, I cannot adjust the columns to fit so that the texts inside the keywords are not narrowed/skewed. Do you know a workaround to address this issue?

Refer screen shot below in step 2 and 3. This happens only when keywords are present, for normal steps, I am able to adjust the columns without any issues.

test script skewed with keywords

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Jerry Shengulette (63914) | answered Jan 04 '13, 12:12 p.m.
I checked this out on 3.01.5 and 4.0.1.    Your best bet is going to be to open a support item.  This can be done through

Rajah Vedamurthy commented Jan 07 '13, 8:45 a.m.

Thanks Jerry, I created a PMR and working with support. Can you let me know if 4.0.1 has the fix for it or not?
If it is so, I can request support to backport the fix to

Jerry Shengulette commented Jan 07 '13, 11:39 a.m.

From my investigation 4.x didn't work exactly as you would have expected.   Following the process, the development team will address in 4.x and 3.0.1.x fixpack.   There's a slightly different process path for a backport so be sure to mention your need to support early and often. 

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