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Which tools / APIs are best for Office-Reports from RTC

Lars Bauer (1122) | asked Oct 24 '12, 5:18 a.m.

Hi all,

I am currently trying to get some information from use-case-diagrams out of RTC to a MS Word document. Until now we used RPE to this.

I would like to know how other users here are getting there information from RTC and which would be the easiest and fastest way to get these information.


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Steve Arnold (28131411) | answered Oct 28 '12, 5:52 p.m.

Normally the answer would be publishing engine.  So it might help to understand what the problem is with that approach ?

Depending on the report, you might be able to use RRDI.

Failing that the only alternative I can think of, would be to use the RTC api's (either java client, or rest), in combination with the apache poi libraries for creating office docs - but that's a pretty ugly way of doing it in my opinion.


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