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How to: Get referenced defect?

Timur Markunin (6495161145) | asked Oct 16 '12, 4:38 a.m.

I'm trying to check state of referenced work item during Save operation.
I use following code:

List<IReference> wir = iwr.getReferences(epdl.get(i));
                                        for(int j=0;j<wir.size();j++)

                                            System.out.println("looping thru references");

                                            // if this is to an item.. should always be

                                                // get the item, and it SHOULD always be a workitem
                                                IWorkItem r = iac.resolveAuditable((IWorkItemHandle)wir.get(j).resolve(),IWorkItem.FULL_PROFILE, null);

It works OK when referenced work item type is story or task. But if it is defect wir.get(j).isItemReference() returns false.
Should I use wir.get(j).isURIReference() ? How could I resolve this link to IWorkItem?

-thanks in advance

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Ralph Schoon (60.7k33643) | answered Oct 16 '12, 7:24 a.m.
Hi timur,

have you looked at the examples here: and here: ?

If the reference is no item reference, it is probably a CLM link, for example a change set or a test case etc. that is referenced by URI.

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