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Word document to Use Case...RRC/RQM connection

Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9283269) | asked Jul 25 '12, 7:07 p.m.

I have a user who created a ton of documentation that contains Use Cases. They are migrating to CLM and want to track use cases/requirements<->test cases. I believe, currently, RRC does not have the extraction that ReqPro has--extract from Word and make requirements. So, the only option seems to be cut and paste or place the whole document in RRC, which is not what they want.


RQM has the ability to extract from Word and create Test Cases. (right?)
RRC has the ability to create Test Cases from Requirements.

So, the question is, can I go backwards from RQM to RRC? Create Test Cases from the use cases in the document using the Word Import utility, then create use cases/requirements from the test cases?

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William Andreas (136) | answered Jul 26 '12, 11:29 a.m.
RRC does have the ability to import word documents into artifacts.  In RRC 4.0 you can import a word document into a single artifact and you can import a word document and have it parsed into multiple artifacts.  Also, you can import a word document into an artifact and use some simple editor actions to manually "break it up" into several artifacts.  Earlier versions of RRC have a subset of these capabilities.  I'd see if RRC's import capabilities are useful before looking at using the RQM import.

You can, in RQM, import a Word document as a Teat Case (which is roughly analagous to a Use Case).  It does require a bit of configuring to set this up and you need to describe the "structure" of the Word documents so that import can map what's found int he document to different attributes.  There is no direct way to turn a Test Case into an RRC artifact, but you can (if using RQM 4.0 and RRC 4.0) export test cases as csv files and import them into RRC.  I haven't tried doing this, but I believe this export/import will not carry through any rich text (I don't believe RQM will export the rich text content of the Test Case), but I could be wrong.

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