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How can I increase timeout in REST API?

Michele Pegoraro (1.8k12114102) | asked Jul 19 '12, 6:29 a.m.
I'm having some problem with connection timeout. I'm working in iSeries environment with a lot of files stored on the RTC repository (hundreds of thousands for application). I have some custom extensions that do some actions, for example creating stream after a work-item change of state.
If I perform this change of state using REST API I get a connetion reset by peer error after 3 minutes. I'm using curl and so I've tried to set --connect-timeout and --max-time options but they did no effect. 
I have also searched in web.xml but it only has a session timeout.

How can I increase this timeout?

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Michele Pegoraro (1.8k12114102) | answered Sep 14 '12, 4:17 a.m.

We find out that the problem was related to proxy balancer settings and not to RTC configurations.

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