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Creating work item from REST service - authentication

Milan Krivic (9809171139) | asked Oct 01 '14, 6:55 a.m.

I currently work on some kind of custom application system where I must call REST service at RTC and create work item with it.
My custom application system and RTC both use Microsoft Active Directory for authentication mechanism.

My question is: How to manage that user, who will call REST service at RTC and create work item, will be authomatically logged in RTC? How to solve this level?
Because, when I was testing RTC REST service calling for creating work item from Google Chrome REST api, I couldn't create it until I was logged in and authenticated in RTC.
Is there any useful link or example for doing it?


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Jean-Luc Johnson (8125) | answered Oct 01 '14, 9:05 a.m.
Hi Milan,
It is the responsability of the REST client application to authenticate the user against RTC.
I don't know in which programming language you are writing your client application, but if you are confortable with Java, there is an example with the OSLC LYO library. Find out more at .
See how to build the full OSLC Jazz client project at

I hope it helps!

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