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RQM 4 category mapping from existing Priority custom category to new 4.0 Priority category

Welborn Smith (144) | asked Jun 27 '12, 11:54 a.m.



An Innovate 2012 deck for what's new in RQM states.


What’s New in IBM Rational Quality Manager?


Slide 8: New planning fields for test artifacts to help prioritize, schedule and manage testing activities:

-          Test Suite/Case: priority, estimate

-          Test Suite/Case Execution Record: priority, estimate, time spent


We already have a test case custom category for Priority in RQM  We would expect a way to have RQM populate this new category based on the value of our existing custom category during the upgrade to 4.x.


Does anyone know how this is handled during an upgrade?


I would assume that we'd need to remove our custom category, if there are hooks elsewhere in RQM that use the new Priority?


If there are not any hooks then perhaps I'm over thinking this....


Any help understanding how this will be handled in an upgrade, and if it is not handled during an upgrade how we can mitigate this scenario is very much appreciated.


Thanks much,

Scott Smith


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Robert Rassmann (9923) | answered Jun 27 '12, 3:32 p.m.
Hi Scott,

The new priority field is just another attribute on the resources.  It isn't used to modify the behavior of the resource.

For existing projects I would just continue to use your existing Priority field and then use the out-of-the box priority for new projects.  The only issue that I can see with doing this is that if you have Insight reports that are displaying priority, they may have to be tweaked so that they display the correct one.

- Rob

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Welborn Smith (144) | answered Jun 27 '12, 3:51 p.m.

Hi Rob,


The 4.0 screen shot shows priority as an icon in the Test Case list similar to priority icons for work items, so my thought was that once upgraded ideally assets currently stamped with the custom priority field would be reflected in the new priority icon/field.  Is this doable?  I hope I am making sense...


What I want to avoid is having a current project post upgrade having both priority fields.  I only want to take the new field forward in new and existing projects.


Thanks much,


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